It’s never been a better time to undertake HGV training. There’s plenty of vacancies for drivers currently going unfilled. Truck driving can be a satisfying job for the right person but many people are put off by the training involved. It might sound confusing, but it’s more straightforward than you think.

Check your health then get your provisional licence

Before you begin training you’ll need to fill in your D2 provisional licence form. To be an HGV driver you have to be in reasonable health and will require a medical. Your GP or a private doctor can conduct the checks for you; they’ll certify you’re healthy enough to train to be a driver on the D4 form.

With your provisional licence in hand, you’re ready to get started! There are four modules that you’ll be tested on and it might all seem a little confusing, but Truck School Swindon can lead you through the process.

What does the training actually involve?

You’ll be taught how to handle a truck in all kinds of conditions, safely and competently.

Know the rules

It’s not just about knowing how to handle a truck. The rules around HGV driving differ from those for a car and your instructor will help you understand them.

Handling different types of road

As a professional truck driver, you’ll be called upon to drive to all kinds of different places. It’s one thing to drive a lorry down a dual carriageway, quite another to try and negotiate a narrow lane or a steep hill.

Reversing and parking

Reversing a truck is a skill that takes practice. Truck School Swindon will patiently help you to master it.

Training to be a truck driver might seem daunting but with good tuition and a bit of effort, it can lead to a rewarding career.

If you’re interested in learning how to become a truck driver, contact us today!