What is CPC Driver Certification?
A CPC certification is legally required for all professional drivers that hold licences that categorises C or D. It is now a standard part of professional driving especially if you are operating a bus, lorry or a coach. A Driver CPC is a set of standards applied to initial driver training to career-long continuing education. It is established by the European Union to ensure drivers are both proficient and competent.

Initial training
CPC stands for “Certificate of Professional Competence”. This certification can be applied to other industries that tend to designate your requirements as a CPC driver. The law requires you to complete the initial qualification before obtaining a commercial driver’s license. If you are seeking to obtain your category, you should undergo complete training to pass the two final exams. The training prepares you for the practical skill instructions and appropriate theory tests.

Periodic training
Once you have completed the initial CPC qualification, you are provided with a CPC card as a proof that you met the legal requirements. The card is valid for 5 years which you are required to renew after. The next step is to take the periodic training which is intended to be both competency and professional development that keeps you at the top of the game. This training involves 35 hours of approved classroom work and does not have to be orientated to limited topics.

Who needs it?
If you are driving articulated vehicles, bin lorries, tipper trucks, heavy construction equipment, public buses (regional and local) or coaches as your source of income, you must be certified for CPC. It’s basically for ‘everyone’ but it is required for professionals.

CPC Certification Exceptions
If you are a professional driver that operates a qualifying vehicle under the control of the government such as police agency, fire services, armed forces or any entity with maintaining public order or if you are non-professional who only happen to have a vehicle that can be used to transport materials or work equipment, you are not required to get certified.

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