Being a lorry driver is no easy task. It takes guts to drive large vehicles, let alone carry the load of importing and exporting goods for the company. Acquiring a license specifically for this job will practically challenge your patience. But the question is, how long will it take exactly? This article will tell you all the processes with the time frame you will have to accomplish on becoming a professional lorry driver.

Getting a license
It usually takes an average of 6-8 weeks just by getting a license to drive an HGV truck. Just like every official ID processing, the first stage is going through a medical exam. This is an essential part considering that you will have to be in perfect shape before undergoing any practical training.

If you are asking if fast tracking the process is possible the answer is no. Everyone who wants to apply must first start from scratch and cannot finish the application if there are any incomplete requirements.

Practical driver training
Once you have passed all the required theory tests, the next thing that you will have to accomplish is facing the practical training and testing. The timeline for this part of the application usually depends on your age and experience. On this part, you will heavily rely on your street knowledge, common sense, and your determination. This training course is usually delivered over a 5 day period but some companies base the number of days on your needs and requirements.

This phase will not only test your driving capabilities but also will give you an opportunity to test the truck that you might use once you pass. With that, you have to make sure that all the knowledge that you have acquired will manifest on your driving performance. Your basic knowledge in driving will also come in handy like checking your brakes, blindspot, and moving away from a stationary position. You only have about 1.5 hours to impress the company. Only 15 minor faults are allowed to be committed otherwise you will fail completely.

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