Find yourself stuck in a career rut? With how easy it is to break into the industry, truck driving just might be the answer. While some people might not consider long-distance lorry driving a glamorous job, it’s far more interesting—and rewarding—than it appears. Here are a few reasons why a career in truck driving may be your best option yet:

Guaranteed job security.
Let’s face it, the confusion with the state of the economy and people losing jobs left and right. But truck drivers? The transportation of goods and materials will never not be needed. In fact, the National Careers Service states that between 45,000-60,000 drivers will be required between now and 2020. A career in truck driving practically ensures lifetime employment, with massive current demand for qualified truck drivers.

Great income and benefits.
Based on experience, salaries vary from £18,500-£35,000, with £18,500 being a considerable sum for the entry-level tier. Most employers also offer overtime pay as well as health insurance as a basic benefit, so no need to worry about the consequences of burnout or fatigue.

Travelling on the open road, on a daily basis.
If you’re the kind of person who enjoys long drives and cross-country travel, truck driving could be a dream come true. No more dull days confined to your office or cubicle. As a truck driver, drinking in new landscapes and discovering unseen parts of the country is all part of the job.

Workplace freedom.
Gone are the days you find your boss lurking over your shoulder, criticising your every move. As a professional truck driver, you’ll be trained well and trusted to get the job done. Forget about filing, or transcribing, or whatever meaningless task you were once assigned because a higher-up doubted your capabilities. Once in the driver’s seat, it’ll just be you, the open road, and the sole objective of reaching your destination.

The chance to meet new people.
To start a new career inevitably means being exposed to a whole new group of people. While driving may seem like a solitary endeavour, you’ll be surprised by how often you’ll be seeing new faces. From fellow students to other drivers to strangers you might meet on the road, being a truck driver means forming new friendships and lasting bonds.

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