Category C+E Reversing Training & Assessment

Category C+E Reversing Training & AssessmentMany drivers find that the reversing exercise required to pass the DVSA C+E practical test does not prepare them fully for the challenges they will meet on a day to day basis.

Although Truck School Swindon cover the basics of how to reverse safely and accurately during your Category C+E training the skills you will have will benefit from being developed further once you have passed the test.



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    During our Category C+E reverse training, we will cover a number of skills which include:

    • Reversing onto a docking bay from both the left and right
    • Reversing into confined areas to both the left and right
    • Develop your skills and understanding of the concept of reversing an articulated vehicle

    Our Category C+E Reversing Training & Assessment are based on an hourly rate and will be structured to meet your individual needs to make sure you get the most out of the session without committing to more than you need, help you keep costs to a minimum.