Learning to drive a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) or large goods vehicle (LGV) is not a whole lot different from learning to drive a car in the sense that you have to take both a practical and a theory test.

Obviously the vehicle is a lot bigger and there are some different rules of the road that need to be applied – but the test is similar.

So what will happen in the theory test? What do you need to know?

There are two parts to the LGV theory test, which need to be taken within 24 months of each other.
·         Part 1a – a multiple-choice section
·         Part 1b – a Hazard Perception section
The theory test is taken online at the test centre and in the first part, you will have 115 minutes to answer 100 questions. To pass you need to get 85 questions correct.
For the second part of the theory exam, you will be shown 19 video clips with everyday road scenes.

As the clip progresses a hazardous scene will start to develop. You need to click each time you believe there is a hazard. The sooner you identify the hazard the more points you get. To pass you need to get 67 per cent.

You can take the theory test as often as you need to, but if you study the theory information and complete a number of practice tests you should be able to pass the first time.
Once you have your theory test pass certificate you can take the practical driving test. The theory test certificate is valid for two years.
Here at Truck School Swindon, we offer a number of training courses for various categories of large vehicles. Give us a call so we can best advise you on what tests you need to complete and the best training package for you.