Truck driving can be a challenging, yet incredibly rewarding career. Here we are looking at the most frequently asked questions from people considering a career in truck driving.

Will I be away from my family during training and when I’m on the road?

Depending on the job, you may have to be away from your family for a few weeks when doing your truck driver training. When you get a truck driving job, drivers will normally be out on the road from 4-6 weeks at one time. Local truck drivers will usually return home every day or on a weekly basis.

Is it hard spending so much time alone as a truck driver?

Being a truck driver is a very solitary lifestyle. It’s something that a lot of people take a while to adjust to. It often ends up that you won’t have any interaction with other people for long stretches of time whilst you’re on the job.

Is it hard to get a good work and family life balance?

It all depends on the job. If you are a national truck driver being away for a month can be difficult, especially if you have a young family at home.

Will I enjoy being a truck driver?

Everybody is different. As part of your truck driver training, you will be prepared for what life on the road is actually like. Many people realise that it’s not a lifestyle they want to have, for other people it suits them perfectly. Your best option is to do your research before jumping into the job.

What do I need to take on the road with me?

Generally, you will have your truck cabin set up almost like a mini version of your home. Most truck drivers kit their cabs out with coffee machines, microwaves and mini-fridges. You will also need to take your clothes and toiletries on the road with you.

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