Becoming a Class 2 HGV driver, sometimes referred to as LGV Cat C Driver, is a great career decision. This is the first type of license available to those wanting to drive HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicles). It’s an ideal career for those who wish to get their start in a new industry, or for those who have just left school and want to earn a great starting salary.

What is a Class 2 HGV License? 
A Class 2 HGV Driver license simply means that the holder can drive Class C HGVs, and can additionally tow trailers with a weight of up to 750 kilograms. This is the typical license held by most HGV drivers.

The average salary for a Class 2 HGV driver is around £24,500, according to However, many drivers are instead paid by the hour so this salary is subject to fluctuation. HGV drivers are restricted to how many hours they can work due to safety reasons and to prevent fatigue. As such, your working hours will be tracked on a device called a tachograph.

The Steps
There are three distinct steps involved in becoming a Class 2 HGV Driver:

1. Obtain a normal driving license. In order to become an HGV driver, a standard UK driving license is required. These are relatively easy to obtain and only require a 2-part test: theory and practical.

2. Apply for a provisional HGV license. After obtaining a standard driving license, your next step is to apply for a provisional HGV License. This can be done through the DVLA’s website; however, be aware that a medical form is also required, and this must be filled out by either your GP or a private medical company. The form will test your eyesight, heart condition and mental health, as well as several other factors. If these factors do not meet the required bills of health, then you may be denied the chance to complete the training out of safety concerns for yourself and others on the road.

3. Complete your CPC test. Your final part is to complete your 4-part Certificate of Professional Competence. This is the most important part and tests your ability, skill and knowledge. They are of a similar format to the standard driving test and cost around £230, with several assessment centres around the nation.

Once you’ve obtained your license, there are plenty of job opportunities out there. As such, it shouldn’t take long to find the perfect job for you, getting you out and about on the road. To find out more information, contact us at Truck School Swindon today!