Truck drivers have one of the most demanding jobs as they work with the biggest vehicles on the road, but you may be wondering – what is it really like? This article covers some of the other aspects of the job aside from driving, which could help you find out if becoming a truck driver is the right decision for you.

Becoming a truck driver is not a simple process, there are training and qualifications that need to be met beforehand. This means that before you decide that becoming a truck driver is the right choice for you, you should find out if you fit the personality and lifestyle requirements. Truck drivers need endurance through long hours, self-motivation and patience, so if you love to drive and this sounds like you… read ahead!

Duties aside from driving

Driving is a huge part of the job, but not the be-all and end-all. Being a truck driver may also involve planning delivery schedules and routes with your transport manager, assisting and supervising loading and unloading, checking loads are secured properly, staying up to date with traffic reports and route changes, filling out delivery paperwork and logbooks, as well as completing basic lorry maintenance with oil, tyres and brakes.

Necessary skills, qualities and interests

Excellent driving skills and a passion for the road is one of the most obvious skills and interests that are necessary for this job, but there’s plenty more skills and qualities that come into play when you’re a truck driver. This job often leads drivers to have to spend long periods of time alone, so aspiring truck drivers will have to be comfortable with working alone and spending much of their time alone. Patience is a necessity when it comes to waiting to load and unload goods, and good people skills are helpful for when you’re picking up and dropping off loads. Safety is a priority throughout the job, and drivers must be very safety-oriented. Furthermore, a decent level of fitness will make the job a little easier.

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