HGV Driver

Vacancies for lorry drivers are increasing by the day, threatening to potentially crash the economy unless drastic actions are implemented to hire new recruits. The crux of the matter is the ageing truck drivers that are looking to retire and the lack of youth learners willing to try out Truck driving as a professional career.

Labour shortages such as this can lead to a pay rise as companies are struggling to keep their shelves stocked and to prevent a huge blow to the movement of goods across the UK. With this trend, it’s the perfect time to consider a career as an HGV driver and sign up for an HGV driver training.

If you are interested in taking up HGV driver training to become a truck driver, here are some of the basic questions that we have addressed for you:

What does an HGV Driver do?

Being an HGV Driver means that you are responsible for driving a truck and transporting goods to different locations. Most of the time, they go to retail stores, distribution centres and manufacturing plants.
HGV drivers should also have basic maintenance and repair skills, which they can learn from HGV driver training. This is important so that they can keep the vehicle safe and ensure that there won’t be delays in their delivery.

What do Lorry Drivers typically earn?

The salary for HGV Drivers depends on their experience. It is usually about £18,500-£35,000. Overtime pay is also available depending on the salary matrix of the employers. Getting HGV driver training ensures that you know what you are doing. Employers need this as an assurance that you are up for the challenges of this job.

Newly qualified drivers earning between £18,500 and £22,000
Experienced drivers earning £23,000 to £28,000
Highly experienced drivers earning between £27,000 and £35,000

How do I get started as an HGV Driver?

If you are thinking about joining this career path, all you need to have is a full car driving license. Once you have this, you can start your HGV driver training which is another requirement for this job.

What key skills do I need to become an HGV Driver?

The most important skill that you need to have before becoming a Lorry driver is being a good driver. Your focus should be good as you are often required to work not only in the day but also at night if the workload requires it. Remember that there are no colleagues to keep you company.
In addition to that, you also need to be knowledgeable about road safety and how to manage your HGV safely. Don’t fret as these skills are taught at your HGV driver training.

If you are interested in taking up HGV driver training, then you don’t need to look any further. We at Truck School Swindon ensures that you are well-trained and well-equipped on the road. If you have any questions and/or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01793 954963 or truckschoolswindon@hotmail.com.